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Beautiful fresh natural "good luck" to your heart's content

  • Natural sashimi

    Taste various natural tastes with sashimi every season.
    To prepare delicious natural ingredients that you can afford on that day, leave it to the sea what you can enjoy!
  • Natural shabu shabu

    A winter treat that you can enjoy with a limited time only from November to March.
    "Cuisine Ryokan Toriki ki" is a Japanese- Cuisine Ryokan Toriki originated in Burakushabu.
    I change the name as I grow up, I will taste the shabu-shabu of the auspicious ex-successive fish.
    The taste of shabu shabu using only natural beverages exceeding 10 kg is different in umami.
    "Happiness spreading throughout the mouth" is a gem that you want to enjoy.
  • Active crutch crab

    I will taste the pine needle crab, which is the "king of winter taste".

    Grilled baked crab
    Boiled crab with full of umami taste
    A crab stab with a delicious flavor in the fiber
    Rich taste is crab meat once you eat crab miso

    Enjoy the luxury of winter at the Cuisine Ryokan!
  • Kuroge Wagyu beef steak

    Baked Japanese domestic Kuroge Wagyu beef steak to fine quality.
    Exquisite steak that feels umami in juicy and soft fleshy.
  • Kuroge Wagyu Beef Shabushabu

    I want to stay at the inn but I am not good at seafood, I ate lunch and seafood, so different things at night ~
    Recommended for such people!

    Kabiragi wagyu shabu-shabu has different meat umami!
    Taste that chopsticks will not stop once you eat.
    If you like beef!
  • The best shellfish in Japan "Phantom shell lizard"

    Tango shellfish grows in a nutrient-rich inner bay, it continues to grow even after spring, and grows more than one round than a common shellfish.
    It is also characterized by becoming thicker as it gets bigger, its taste is soft and has a unique sweetness, it is a very delicious shellfish.
    It has been registered as a regional group trademark, and among the excellent agricultural, forestry and fishery products in Kyoto, it was certified for the first time in "Kyoto's brand products" which are given only to safe and secure items, which are carefully selected for taste and quality, for the first time in fishery products.It is called "Japan's first shell" which is handled in high-class restaurants across the country as well as in the prefecture.
  • Rich rock oyster called "sea milk"

    A taste of summer that tastes the texture of plain texture "rock oyster".
    A gem called a milk of the sea from a creamy and rich taste.
    Only the oversized rock oysters are used in "Toriki".
    Please taste the fragrance of the iso and abundant umami, which only meet for the limited time of the summer.
  • Tango's local sake

    If you came to Tango with great Tango, enjoy the best "local sake" together with dishes.
    We prepare many famous local sake of Tango known for liquor.
    (Kinoshita Brewing, Kumano Shuzo, Shirasugi Shuzo, Takeno Shuzo, Hakurei Shuzo etc.)